Alchemy Of The Heart: An Intro of the Journey

Journeys (both inner and outer) have always driven me!

After dreaming of being a drifter during high school classes and having endless chalked chucked at my head, I temporarily opted for the advertising world. To vent my creativity, I appeared in numerous amateur theatre productions.

At 21 I exchanged the ‘rat race’ for a seven year sojourn across 43 countries.

Between Beduoin desert weddings in Arab Africa and avoiding arrest in the then-Communist China, I was always motivated by a desire to understand myself and the human condition through the various cultures I was travelling through. Surviving on the sniff of an oil rag, I slept in deserts, train stations and sometimes even in police stations. Anything that moved – from camels to carts, container ships and yachts- became my modes of transport across continents.

Returning to SA I had an epiphany of one of my life’s callings – to be a writer. My journalism career has afforded me the opportunity to contribute to more than 50 publications to date.

Naturally passionate about travel writing assignments, I’m equally so about writing on personal growth subjects and how we can grow our personal power.

Exploring the nature of consciousness stimulated the desire to equally investigate and write about tangible subjects and issues that relate to our individual and collective empowerment. My investigative journalism focused mostly on environmental and ethical issues. This included everything from doctors on drugs and corporate polluting to the dangers of dairy and questioning the ethics of mainstream media. An offshoot of this led to articles exploring the dynamics in intimate relationships – probably the area of our lives we give away the most personal power to.

To rescue myself from cabin fever, tour guiding inbound foreigners to South Africa provided some light relief for a time.

But I had no idea then that guiding people would evolve into ‘guiding’ of a completely different kind down the line.

And here began yet another journey, with a multitude of metaphysical happenings en route…

In the late 90’s I underwent a series of initiations which led to the beginnings of telepathic contact with other-dimensional beings.

These included etheric ascended masters, lighted beings in humanoid/other forms living aboard space craft and 5th dimensional humans living in the Inner Earth communities.

I was informed the initiations would involve activating and biologically reconnecting long-lost DNA we all have.

The tough part about this is ultimately it is only possible to do this through reviewing, processing and releasing ‘shadow’ emotions. Those that produce limiting patterns and imbalances in our psyches, life experience and interaction with others. Not to mention their subsequent manifestations from mental illness to disorders, addictions and negative behavioural patterns.

I’ve come to call this process the Alchemy of the Heart. It involves using the intellect to open the heart, free the mind and biologically alter both the body and your future free will choices more positively!

While physical alchemy is the process of turning base metals into gold, emotional alchemy can be described as the process of transforming base emotions into higher frequency ones.

So why would we even want this?

Read on to find out about what I’ve personally experienced, my new ‘gifts’, what’s in store for us here on the New Earth and why consciously preparing now is essential for everyone choosing this soul contract!

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