November 26, 2008 Shellee-Kim

It’s already happened four times to me in the past year and a half…

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the planet Jupiter actually moving across an entire length of sky in less than a minute. I was gobsmacked the first time it happened. As I watched it moving way beyond the speed of light and disappearing beyond the nearly full moon, I sensed this was merely the start of such sightings for lots of us!

It’s happened three more times since, with the most recent also being the most dramatic. I was ‘chatting’ telepathically to some of the GBB’s (Galactic Big Boys) when I was told to ‘look up’. And there she was -on the move again…Jupiter speeding across the night sky.

Descending the bottom steps of my patio and onto my grass so I could follow its course more easily, I knew in five seconds it would disappear behind the neighbour’s roof and out of sight. At that I saw something that truly amazed me. I’ve never ever seen a shooting star flip over a star/planet with just enough seconds before it would have been out of range of my vision. In fact, like most folk, I’ve only ever seen a shooting star shoot across a portion of sky. How did the shooting star/moving Jupiter know this? Some of you will say ‘flook’, others will try to explain it off in mainstream science terms and yet others will hopefully, think about who we may be sharing this amazing universe with!

As mentioned in one of my recent columns, we’d have to be seriously stupid deeply or arrogant to actually believe that more than a million million stars/planets in our universe alone doesn’t possess other lifeforms. And I’m pretty certain there’s both goodies and baddies out there, just like there are here. I’m privileged enough, though, to only have contact with the goodies. And I make it my serious business to keep this so.

Anyone up for some transcribed chat directly from those quarters (I never know who will come through at any given time)? Maybe tomorrow…

Cosmic dust and starlight in your heart


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