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DIARY OF A CRAZED ASCENSIONIST 2: Buzzing, The Breakdown & Boundaries

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Treading a path to surviving and keeping up with the stellar blasts now hitting earth at an astronomical rate is fraught with difficulties. Don’t we all know it!

Your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies are pounded on an almost-daily basis. And when that ends, there’s always the post-sleep filled activities, clearings and ‘experiments’ to look forward to.

Just last week, I re-entered my body into wakefulness a fraction prematurely to find and feel my neck gland buzzing and pulsating wildly and painfully. It almost felt separated from my body and was accompanied by what sounded like an etheric high-frequency chainsaw sound. How etheric lab rat is that? The sensations were literally shocking.

All in all, the entire journey is like being on a permanent roller coaster ride – just with way more nausea and vertigo-inducing dips than exhilarating peaks! Luckily, though, we can take small comfort in knowing there’s an established group of us masochists global wide, all suffering simultaneously.

Experiencing the odd ‘good ascension day’ as I’ve come to call them, is absolute bliss when they do happen by… though far and few between. On these days I go crazy in the most delicious ways I can conjure up. But a common activity [mostly because I’m just so incredulous that it’s a ‘good’ day] on those days is to get very physical and dance that joy back into/out of my very bones! Very grounding.

Now ‘good’ days are to be utilized in the extreme. There’s (solo) joke sessions with my feline family who can’t join in with my hysterical giggling, of course. But I’m pretty certain they’re having a telepathic giggle with me, at least. And yes, on those days they also double up as audience members when I boogie! They’re basically great all-rounders who morph (willingly or not) into the playmates I need when I need them. Not to mention being the feline equivalents of masochists themselves, as I’ve often told them! Particularly given the enormous amount of anchoring and clearing work on me they do via my team of invisible friends (IF’s) almost nightly. *Sigh* Well, we all choose our paths…

Of late, yet another series of cosmic activations have knocked my socks off…again. For close on two and a half months my four cats have been paw-glued to various permanently-agonized points around my neck, head and upper back/shoulder area every single night. I’ve all but crawled through my days, willing night to fall fast. Despite the above, there still does remain a little peace in unconsciousness.

The neck story: I was told this was clearing, in part, of slave programming from the 6th and 7th dimensions and entity removals. And then had dreams where I’ve coughed up the critters in huge balls of sick-green slime. Between this and the usual myriad of other de-light-ful symptoms I’ve also completely lost my sense of taste of late. And my sense of smell. Basically, my ears, nose and throat are being worked on in some mad and major way.

Stabbing pains in the inner ear, burning and singe-ing on the outer one and waking up choking and spluttering are just a few of the joys of this round in the wrestling (with Self) ring.

Yes, it seems like I have my very own team of Himmler-style torturing ENT cosmic specialist doctors who are thinking up some mega-creative ways of tormenting me further. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about living in a nuthouse. This way the incessant cycles of madness, magic and mystery and the accompanying crazy symptoms could all be shared under a single roof. Can you imagine it? All of us moaning, groaning, sobbing, shrieking and emitting the odd beserk-tinged laughter…collectively!

Fact is, this planetary group of us that elected to, are pushing the etheric boundaries continuously in upgrading/downloading, integrating and releasing aspects of our Selves.

I woke up one morning sometime in mid-September and my body odours had seemingly disappeared overnight. Literally free of bad odours. Yaaay! I thought, a day or two later after seeing this was a permanent fixture. No more expensive and harmful deodorants! But then it dawned on me. I’d also been tasting peculiarly when eating food, but I put it down to the after effects of dental anaesthetics for a couple of days. I’d taken far more poison than the usual amount in a recent four hour dentathon of an appointment!

It was not a good feeling when I realized all food tasted of nothing-ness to me. That’s an understatement, actually. Because for someone who loves their food as much as I do, this was devastating. It’s not that food tastes bad – as in tinny, synthetic or anything like that – it’s just (even more tragically) that it all tastes like nothing; hollow and devoid. There was a very vague sense of the item being sweet or salty. Not unlike when you have a cold. Now just imagine that ongoing experience for months – without the runny nose.

On the plus side: I’ll now be forced to eat to live rather than vice versa; savings could be fairly large; a raw food diet (yuk!) can finally become a real and neutral (literally) option.

On the minus side: potentially never being able to savour the explosive flavour fest of a Thai Green curry again ; the sensual experience of food is no more; one of my favourite rituals of eating out may never again be.

I have to confess: this is not the first time during this Ascension process a part of my physiology has gone AWOL. It’s happened before. I cried in frustration and threw a few tantrums. Of course, none of it helped until the process was complete, in its own time. It took three months for my nervous system to re-adjust then.

So perhaps I’m being the drama queen all over again and just need to have a lot more patience and keep a lot less food in my kitchen cupboards in the interim.

You know what never ceases to amaze me? That we actually chose this seemingly-eternal madness as part of our planned pre-incarnational contract. So of course we take full responsibility for all of it. Or at least I should say I do.

My own conscious ascension process has been in the making for a decade now. Or 25 years if you start from my awakening and seeking years. This amounts to half of an average lifespan. And that’s the maddest part of all, in my opinion. Along with my compulsion to stay on track with it, that is.

But rumour has it that, in fact, my ‘real’ life is soon to start. And yes, hopefully then all of this will seem like nothing more than the memory of a distant nightmare of record-breaking length.


Magic, madness and mystery


[Next time in Diary of a Crazed Ascensionist: Buzzing, boundaries and babies].


“All I can be, I haven’t become. All I can do, I haven’t done. How far I can reach, haven’t yet been reached. I am a work that hasn’t been completed.”
-Woman Thou Art Loosed! by T.D. Jakes

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Q & A: Your Forum

I’ve received loads of questions this year about hu-mans in the Inner Earth, who they are and their lifestyle.  Of course, some have also taken the opportunity to tell me outright I need to get myself to the nearest nuthouse asap. 😉
Rather than relay to you what I’ve learned  through an article, I thought it would be great to get some dialogue going directly between you and the folk from the Inner Earth – via a channelled response.

This is your forum, so feel free to get the ball rolling with your question/s and name, so everyone can benefit. If you’re wondering about ‘it’, chances are so is someone else.

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You Are Your Brothers Keepers – Channelled 24 May

By Shellee-Kim Gold

Goodday beloved people of earth. I trust you are flowing well with the changes now starting to make their presence felt in your world.
Today we would like to address the qualities of integrity, ethics and morality in human expression.

I have noted that there is much consternation about the state of your world. When you have those at the top of the food chain on your world encouraging the qualities of greed and dishonesty, its not really much to wonder about.
Yet, away from the grasp of the Dark controllers of your world, it is still within your own power to shift your consciousness.

Many have been sent to your realm to help you with the beginnings of this great vibrational change and time. Yet there is much work for you to accomplish, which we are unable to do for you.
I am talking here of what it means to be a truly upstanding citizen and human being.

What is the point of working yourself out, as you are all doing, if you do not consider your brothers and sisters in the process? I’m particularly speaking of those many less fortunate, ill, vulnerable and those without a voice.

How much or little do you feel that your fellow man is your responsibility? Why is it that so few continue to do the work of so many – as in the work of charitable practices and causes? Your personal upliftment is not only about you, after all. You are a single society, a single humanity. And while the Dark has instigated numerous measures to continue to poison you with prejudices against each other, it is time to see through this also.

You cannot be a spiritual being having a successful human experience without the morals and ethics that go along with that. And many of the voiceless need your assistance. This is not to say: go rushing off to join the next movement for or against some cause, become an activist or turn into a guilt-riddled individual and open your purse at every turn and without discernment. Or to accept someone’s energy into your space if they’re soliciting against your will.
This is to say: the more you are aligned to your soul selves, the more naturally and equally these qualities will manifest through you. Opening yourself to the needs of others becomes exactly how you would like others to open to you in your own hour of need. As sensitivity is needed to view your life by outsiders to truly empathise with it, so this is the exact quality needed for you to view the lives of others.

It is no good preaching heaven on earth to others or being inspired in listening to others speak of this, when it is not accompanied by an honest desire to be of service to others. And not just in the way that you have perceived your service should be. We’re speaking here not only of those who are involved in healing work of one type or another. Or those who see themselves as Lightworkers in whichever manner they practice expressing this.

We’re speaking here of opening to and activating one of the most essential and natural parts of yourself. Not practiced or contrived, but being truly aware of the needs of others.

Giving unconditionally has often been confused with giving as a means of bartering. ‘If I do or give that then such-and-such will come back to me because I’m creating ‘good karma’, you might say to yourself. Or you might long ago have set up an associated belief with this and so do it rather automatically now. Or you might restrict this type of interaction to certain situations and people. And perhaps outside of such contexts, empathizing and being sensitive to the needs of others might cease to exist for you.

I would rather draw your attention to truly trying to put yourself in the person’s shoes who’s standing in front of you and addressing you – whoever they might be, wherever it may be and whenever. It matters not whether they’re an individual clothed in business garments or a ragged, homeless one. What is it they’re feeling? Without defensively rejecting it outright, can you try to be there with them in that, without taking on what belongs to them? Or developing a judgement about them?
This is the art of true empathy. It is not driven by anything except the desire to be of service and of help to other humans, outside of your regular sphere.

It, like much else in the human understanding and expression, becomes complicated due to humans’ fragmented selves. And so we compartmentalize and assist others where and when it suits us and depending on whether they fit into the boxes of our definition of deservedness.

To care for others in the way you look out for yourself is the way forward. And what all societies and civilization wishing to go forward into a state of collective harmony do do.

It is unfortunate that many feel that their brand of giving leads to a more spiritually-rewarded life. True ethics, morality and integrity lived from the (whole) heart of humankind has the power to be an infectious force for such collective good.

As you grow into this natural state of being and expressing, by your interactions and re-actions with those in need can you monitor your own abilities at being in a state of authentic empathy.

Living true ethics, morality and integrity are as much a natural part of your soul self’s expression in form as breathing to survive in the physical body is.

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The Crumbling of the Masks by Mac/Eldoran from Alcyone

Channelled by Shellee-Kim Gold

[9/7/09] I was woken during the night with someone saying: ‘The masks are coming off. This is what you next need to address’. All day today (not necessarily related), I have felt a strange, unknown sensation on and in my body and skin. It almost feels like my mind isn’t properly registering my body’s existence or…that my body isn’t properly ‘there’! Is anyone else experiencing similarly?

Everywhere you turn people are feeling vulnerable. This is to be both a comforting and disturbing period you are entering simultaneously. Because as the metaphorical masks crumble away on your outer skins, your inner truths of who you really are, are revealed to you.

This energy now upon you acts swiftly in its capacity to cleanse. The cleansing we speak of is one where all that has been hidden and suppressed is to be brought to the surface of both your minds and hearts on a personal level and to the forefront of your world. Individually and collectively these are the beginnings of the clean sweep period.

It will be uncomfortable for many who have successfully buried parts of themselves to date. This energy is so vast and powerful in its capacity to cut through and uproot that which exists at core, that there can be no more playing games – with ourselves or each other. It is a time for truth in all things to be revealed to you all.

With these series of revelations much will change. There are many who are so unprepared for this vast global clean up, that they will resist against all odds to protect themselves from having to face themselves. For these planet dwellers, this inner battle will produce tortuous minds, at constant odds with itself. But the human will is a powerful tool and mechanism for enduring such conflict.

Those who choose to allow these schisms to surface without resistance to this sweeping change, will be in a far better position to create new and better ways of being and expressing in the world.

Many of you sensitive enough will feel an urgency in working with these divine energy gifts. Although not necessarily a comfortable ride, it will give all those choosing it the opportunity to heal further of themselves and accelerate their mastery. A state that you all came here striving towards achieving. It is in expressing your true sovereign nature that great shifts can occur for all of humanity. Even if it is something that is only being achieved by the few.

This is a time of new beginnings, but not before the old has completely fallen away. And so we say these masks that have held you from yourselves are now literally peeling off to reveal the layers of truth beneath. You can no longer hide from yourselves. Know then that more intense feelings of anxiety and fear and subsequently more people being diagnosed with ‘mental disorders’ will be a natural result of this.

Think of this period upon you as one, which by divine grace, has been offered you as a boost for your growth. This is a time that has long been awaited – both by yourselves and us here in these realms.

In closing, it is only left to say there are some of you who feel there is nothing that needs doing. But it is true to say that access to Heaven/a Heavenly state of consciousness is something that does need to be earned. It doesn’t automatically just happen to all those desiring it.

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Encounters with an Inner Earth Hu-Man

By Shellee-Kim Gold
In 2001 I began ‘hearing’ voices inside my head in a telepathic manner. I was convinced I was ready for the local mental institution! During a moment of spiritual despair at home and not long after that, I had a visitation by off-worlders.

In exactly the same way as the Star Trek movies show how people are ‘beamed up’ into the starship, so it was in the same way that two beings appeared under my kitchen spotlights. A tall, blond, Nordic-looking man in a Star Trek-style royal blue body suit and a shorter, dark-haired woman in a red body suit beamed in and just stood there.

They just appeared and disappeared. It lasted no more than 10 seconds and no words were spoken. At first I thought it was Adama, high priest of Telos, but later had a stronger sense it was Ashtar. Especially after I familiarised myself with his work some more. The woman was less distinct. But I reckoned if that was Ashtar, she may well have been Athena.

It all happened so quickly, but the impact on me, my faith and renewed sense of direction and purpose was profound. Although I’d been exploring new age spirituality for more than 15 years and was finding it increasingly-unsatisfactory, what this experience started for me was the beginning of re-connecting to my galactic/5d Self.

I then began being guided to various websites – with each one shocking me into a recognition, a knowingness and resonance with the energy and info that was coming through each. From Sheldan Nidle to Ashtar channellings, the Nibiruan Council and then to numerous other, including But when I got to Dianne Robbins, channeller of Inner Earth beings, and followed up with two of her books, there was such a profound resonance I began crying and couldn’t stop…

Early on during all of this I began chatting to a female guide. Eventually, I got it that her name was Kundara. And I believe she’s my sister/someone very close to me from the inner earth. One time I was sitting in a forest with an etherically-developed pyschic friend. Kundara was there with us and for the first time I began seeing visions of myself with my inner earth family surrounding me. I was lying on some type of thin bed in a room with everyone saying goodbye – with very mixed feelings – as I volunteered to leave there and be born into this surface lifetime. The memory of that made me cry and cry…again!

In the interim, I made another discovery. I had been exceptionally close to a woman a few years younger than me for a short time in 1994. Angela and I had shared a deep soul connection. She died a few years later of cancer. But the puzzle pieces only fell into place a year or two after contact with Kundara. It came to me one day that Kundara had, in fact, been Angela – now assisting me from the dimension of the inner earth!

A little while after this, Kundara introduced me to my brother – Bohar. His energy was totally different from hers – upbeat and hysterically funny a lot of the time. He was never without a joke. I always felt so joyous during and after we’d chatted. Kundara’s energy by comparison was always calm and serene and she always talked with a ‘collective’ voice.

In December 2005 I had yet another incredible experience. I was at a restaurant with my mother when this preppy-looking, curly dark-haired man walked in. He sat at the table directly next to ours, sitting alongside me. I couldn’t guess his age as much as I tried. He looked ‘regular’ and was dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and sandals, December being our summer here.

I was so drawn to him and knew I knew him. I tried to sneak many, many looks at him without him seeing me and desired nothing more than to start a conversation. The inside of his right wrist had an interesting tattoo that looked just like an I Ching symbol. I drew it on a piece of paper right there.

I’m usually easily able to speak to strangers, wherever I find myself. But the oddest thing in this situation is that I couldn’t talk to him, almost as though something had paralysed me on this level. It was as if some electromagnetic force field had been set up between us, preventing words from exiting my mouth, even though I could think them up easily enough. When he first came in to the restaurant, he came up behind me to get the newspapers on the shelf above me. And something was checked/adjusted in my crown chakra at that point, I believe. He hovered there way too long.

I found myself asking questions to him in my head and telepathically receiving answers from him. Practical things of interest to me such as how he coped with the vibration on the surface, had he had to have some adjustment made to his physical self to ‘fit in’ on the surface, what did he do to prevent our ‘poisoned’ food affecting him badly, etc. He telepathed by return that he swam in the surface sea often to cleanse himself and he did some silent ritual over the food before eating to raise it’s vibrations. He ordered a feta salad, by the way. I believe they’re vegetarian in the inner earth!
During all this I kept saying to my mother: ‘I’m sure he’s from the inner earth’ over and over. She’d heard the concept from me before, so knew what I meant.

Eventually, he got up and left first, without a single word having been exchanged between us. I spent the entire rest of the weekend devastated that this familiar stranger and I hadn’t actually had a verbal exchange. My friend asked her guides and got that it wasn’t needed and would interfere negatively with my growth at the time. She was told this man had indeed been Bohar! She also said I was the ‘last stop’ on a round-the-surface-world trip for him to make contact with a group of us. He was apparently on some kind of reconnaisance mission. I’m curious to know whether it was non-verbal communication with those others, too. Did anyone experience anything similar at the time?

I was totally excited when sometime just after that experience I discovered Aurelia Louise Jones’s channeling with a master from Shamballah called Zohar. I just knew there was a connection between us all. But still don’t know what it is, although I do have a definite resonance with Shamballah as a city.

Early last year, I saw a ‘star’ transform into a moving star/ship in the night sky in my garden (UPDATE JULY 09: I’ve now seen four of these, with one doing a special ‘performance’ for me). It travelled so fast, it took all of 30 seconds to cross the entire length of the sky, until it passed in the direction of the moon and just faded from naked eye vision. I couldn’t move or speak properly I was so thrilled to see this sight!

It was also a short time later in early 2006 I was asked to choose three gifts by the Galactic Fed/Inner Earth. This was as a result of apparently graduating or passing some trial/initiation – and was a gift of thanks (aka a reward!). I later found out that at around the same time, another channeller in the United States was offered the same thing. Was anyone else out there offered the same thing at the time?
Not that any of the gifts have manifested in this dimension for me yet, by the way.

This has been a small portion of my weird and wonderful experiences connected to Inner Earth Hu-Mans that you may find of interest.
Since then, I’ve had many more subtle and overt experiences. They’ve just become stranger and stranger while journeying towards the Diamond Doorway. The starting place of entry to the Inner Earth being none other than through our very own hearts…We are indeed what we have been waiting for!

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The Value Of The Dark – St Germain

A Channelled Chat with Shellee-Kim Gold

Good morning beloved people. It is a great honour to speak with you this day. There have been many hiccups of late around the time of ‘events’ beginning on your plane.We would like to speak with you a little of these delays, so that hope and fortitude might be conveyed to you.

It was not foreseen the Dark would put up this level of resistance to the changes they had been forewarned about. This, combined with people turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their activities has resulted in the course of action shortly to manifest.

We see there is no other option for the way things now need to play themselves out. A choice has been made unconsciously by humanity as to how the final hand will by played. It is not one we would have wished for you. However, it is one in which greatly accelerated learning and understanding will transpire. And it is these lessons and subsequent soul growth you are after in the experience of duality. We of these realms are allowing this because we believe it is never too late to awaken and there is much to be gained from the coming experiences for each of you.

The Dark in physical and non-physical embodiment are on a course of annihilation, but this does not stop any of their last-ditch efforts to take the ship down with them. There still remains some belief that they are able to change the course of events by their actions and their version of ‘power’, but this is not to be. In the meantime, it is business as usual for the majority of you.

We wish to draw your attention now to the many wolves in sheep’s clothing walking amongst you. These one are to be found in every sphere of human activity – from business and politics to those in the helping professions, including those offering spiritually inclined services. You see, there are many who consciously walk with the Light, but unconsciously have given over to agreements with the Dark. And so there is a dichotomy at work. Most of these are in complete unawareness of that which walks with them and operates through them. And we have seen this occurring more intensely in recent years.

How and why does this happen when someone is consciously practicing working with Light principles? While there may be a commitment to work with Light consciously, the many other aspects of each human being are at play etherically, in other dimensions and in parallel existences.

Remember, ‘you’ are just a small portion of the total ‘you’ that exists. And agreements made without your conscious understanding and permission are entered into by you ones with many who wish not to see the success of your Ascension on earth.

Without the conscious understanding of that which exists etherically, the parts of you that are involved and the constant interaction you are having with other dimensional beings is never brought to the surface of your conscious mind for either recognition or clearing.

The danger here is many on Earth have in the same recent time period experienced psychic occurrences, telepathic channeling abilities, spiritual gifts and a multitude of other new healing abilities come forth. You, who have experienced this, have assumed all of this must be of the Light. However, this is not necessarily so. And we see you ones accepting what comes to you, usually without any questioning as to it’s source. The mass manipulation of the Dark has seen to this.

Humanity’s and many Lightworkers good surface intentions fall by the quayside and to unconscious and subconscious harm when all parts of the Self are not ‘owned’ consciously. Being multi-dimensional beings and only being able to access a small portion of your entire, huge selves is part of this dilemma. However, with application of certain techniques you Lightworkers need not be led by the nose ‘down the garden path’ by those who wish to feed parasitically off your Light, ensuring you remain at a denser vibratory rate.

The Dark feast off your own unresolved unforgivenesses, amongst other things. Of Self and others. These emotions act as open doorways that they can easily latch onto within you. Healing and releasing those parts of you means these doorways will no longer exist to tempt them in.

Understanding the vastness of your energy and as and how it interacts with other dimensions and beings is hugely important in your experience of duality on earth. For you are here to heal through synthesising all these many hidden aspects of your Self.

One of the ways in which fragmenting/giving power away can be noticed is through the ‘sudden’ onset of such ailments as mental disorders, where feelings of vulnerability and dysfunction threaten to overtake a once reasonably-stable existence. Instead of using this a clue to understanding what may be occurring with other dimensional entities, many of you prefer to numb your minds and psychic centres so you feel no more ‘negative’ e-motion (energy in motion). Such an action works well in the favour of the Dark for they can continue parasitically leeching off your energy field without you suspecting much at all, with your attention diverted to and bound within the symptoms.

Another tell-tale sign of having unconsciously invited the Dark in is the subtle encouragement of divorcing yourself from your feelings. Anyone who tells you your feelings – be they ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ as per your value judgements of such on earth –are of no significance and to let them go (ie suppress them) is telling you a bald-faced lie. And is certainly not aiding your soul progress in any way, but rather helping you retard it. Of course, you have allowed this by trusting that person and choosing to give your power to them in the first instance.

Beloveds, it is through the very act of feeling your feelings as often as possible that you allow for a recognition, an acceptance and a subsequent healing of some of these divisions within to occur. It is also through feeling your feelings that we are able to reach you and assist you more easily.

Denying yourselves of acknowledging your pain is doing yourselves a great soul disservice. And so the Dark use ones themselves that have not healed of their own traumas, but rather stuffed them out of sight (and out of mind?).

It is often at the time of, or shortly after, great traumas have occurred in these ones lives that they find themselves in possession of these new ‘gifts’. The Dark are well-versed at striking at exactly the most vulnerable moments, and in so doing fool the recipient into a false sense of healing also.

Difficult as it is in duality to know what lies beneath the conscious mind, we urge you to use your discernment at all times. Be aware of who is asking you to ‘let your emotions go’ and why, who is telling you that hope and faith are all that are needed to survive the coming times, and who amongst you talk of using passive techniques such as meditation and ‘being positive’ alone to grow.

While meditation is excellent in moderation, as with all things, we would rather you chose to explore the very parts of you that frighten you and that make you feel the very emotions that you would rather run from. It is this acknowledgement of the uncomfortable emotions that show your Higher Self and your guides you are willing to grow yourself to the next level.

repeat: there can be no growth for those who deny ‘bad’ feelings. Life in the polarity of living in Earth’s duality is about embracing all parts of you to bring about true balance. Not to split off further parts of your psychic and emotional bodies by denying their existence and inadvertently inviting the Dark in.

It is in embracing and integrating the Dark that an energetic shift into greater balance within occurs, resulting in more peace and an increase in your Light quotient/further activated DNA.

Note: The ‘Dark’ refers to both negative and lower thought forms we possess, in addition to actual entities.

Shellee-Kim Gold works with the process of EmoAlchemy as a tool to resolving personal obstacles and imbalances, activating DNA codes and accelerating integration to survive the current Earth times. Using this has helped transform her life during the past decade. Shellee-Kim is assisted in helping others with information from the Ascended Masters, galactic embodied beings and those dwelling in the inner Earth. While she has not yet mastered bi-location, all that’s needed to keep her going is the thought of a cosmic cup of coffee in a starship with her inner Earth brother!


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